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Review for Ever Oasis (Nintendo 3DS)

Ever Oasis is an action RPG, dungeon crawler and a simulation game. The mixture of these genres makes this game suitable for ambitious people because it is not easy and you have to be concentrated, patient and to use your brain all the time.

The creator of this game is well-known Grezzo. He was the developer of a few famous adventure and RPGs so it is normal that this game is also great. His studio created some of the most famous Nintendo 3DS remakes – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

The most responsible for these games is the president of the company – Koichi Ishii. He spent the big part of his career working on the first three Final Fantasy games. They were huge success so he created games like Seuken Densetsu and Mana series and some action games just for Nintendo eShop.


Too simplified game elements


Ever Oasis is the game where you can feel the influence of all his previous works. As we mention before, this is mix of adventure and RPGs and this can be perfect combination, but unfortunately, it is not the case. The genres are too much reduced and some important genres’ elements are not included.

All game’s parts are simplified – all levels, story and a gameplay. The point of the game is that you are supposed to take part in building up a new village. You are the young hero and you have a friend – water spirit. There are some other characters in the game but they are felled by the strange energy named chaos.

When you build up your village you have to be sure that you have done great job. You should also make shops, different kind of festivals and other stuff to entertain your citizens.

Some people will only come to visit your town. They will ask you questions and have some tasks for you. If you are polite to them and if they like you, they will stay and live in your village. That is also one of your goals – to have as much citizens as possible.


The battles


The map of the city is expansive and it should be the biggest possible. The interesting thing is that you can control up to three characters at the same time. This is great because it allows you to aim your final goals much faster. Every of these three characters has some special abilities and can help a lot.

To defense your city from the enemies who want to steal your territory, you have to win the battles. Combat missions are various. The real-time battles are available. At first, they are very funny and exciting, but later, on upper levels, they became too hard. The amount of the enemies increases so it is difficult to maintain the fights.

Although the three-member group is interesting in the beginning, later it can be a bit exhausting. When the fights are complex and you are supposed to control three characters, you have the feeling that your brain is going to explode.


The evolution


It is very interesting how this game slowly evolve from a slow, city-building action game to serious adventure game. You will be so obsessed with your quests and you won’t even notice this change.

Game has linear structure so you will always know where you should go. The camera can be the problem if it is not focused well enough, but we hope you won’t be interrupted by that.


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Review for Astro A10 Gaming Headset: Awesome and Cheap!

The first associations when someone says Astro are fancy headsets and high prices. The company has new product, Astro A10 gaming headset. The price is reasonable – $60. We decided to test it and write down our impressions.

This headset has great performances, nice design, reliable microphone and ok audio features.


The price


The Astro A10 is not so expensive because it doesn’t have metal components. There is also a lack of expensive features so they fin in $60 without problems. This is some kind of smaller version of the premium A50. The differences are bigger ear cups and a bendable microphone that can be muted if it’s necessary.

A10 is made in three colors – you can choose between blue, green and red. It is suitable for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and all versions work on all platforms. The dimension and the design are ideal for travelling because it can easily be transported and packed.


Comfort and audio performance


The comfort is not something we would mention as the advantage of this headset. It is too heavy so you will need to take break at some moment. There is no enough room so your ears won’t be able to breathe properly. A10’s ear cups are not so adjustable because they do not swivel 90 degrees and you can move them just 2 inches up or down for better fit.

On the other hand, audio performance is very impressive. It is perfect for complex games such as Overwatch where you have to be concentrated all the time and you have to listen carefully for you enemy’s steps. Noises you can hear are more important than you think so if you want to be serious gamer your headsets has to be good.

This headset is not so good for ordinary listening to music. Instruments like guitars sounds too muddy.




A10’s microphone is pretty reliable, you won’t have any problems. The sound is clear and people you are playing with will have no communication problems. The cable is long 6.5 – foot. On the cable you will find the volume slider. If you are using PC version you will get a splitter cable so you can plug in PC’s microphone and headphone jacks.

If you are Xbox One owner you have special possibility to buy $100 bundle which purpose is to add in the MixAmp M60. This addition lets you to activate numerous EQ modes and to balance between game and chat audio.




After reading this review, it is clear that this is excellent headset, especially for the price of $60. You will get nice, modern design, great sound, good microphone and ok features and extras.

This headset has competition when it comes to the balance between price and quality. HyperX Cloud Stinger is $10 cheaper and it is more comfortable because it is noticeably lighter. Logitech G231 Prodigy costs $70 and can offer you more sporty design.

There are many options but if you are attached to Astro’s design and if you want more color options, buy this headset.


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Reasons Why You Should Play Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy AGAIN

This is the game of our childhood. We all remember the old version and now, 20 years later, the new, 4K version is available. We assure you that you will be amazed by this game because it is improved but the feeling is the same – it is exciting, funny and has great story.

Nostalgia is also one of the things that make this game so special. We are emotionally connected to things from our childhood. Playing this game will bring back some old memories.

You can play it if you are PS owner. Versions for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro are available and the price is $39.99.

If you are PS fan wait for PS5 (How can PS5 beat Xbox One X) to be released and feel the real gaming experience.




The whole game has new suit – design, graphics and colors are much better. There is also new checkpoint system which is very useful because you do not have to play from the start after losing all your lives. Time trials are available, online leaderboards and the ability to choose Coco as the main character.

The environment is lovely and it looks like a cartoon. Details are stunning and colors are vibrant. You will catch yourself just sitting and looking at the scenery. The story takes place in the jungle so the creators didn’t have difficult task when it comes to environment.

Crushing band.



Crash looks the same as before. Thanks to the tech improvements the graphic is much better so you will notice his discernible fur. On your way you will meet other fluffy animals and their fur is also discernible. While are you running you may notice that the music is also better than before. It is relaxing and not too intensive to be annoying.

The creator of this game is Naughty Dog and he made all three parts. The mistakes that you can notice in the first part do not exist in the second and third part. The second part is called Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and the third part is called Crash Bandicoot: Warped.




The game is fast and dynamic. There are many obstacles on your way and there is possibility of dying many, many times. This might be annoying but after some time you will be better. Levels are interesting and challenging. Goals you are supposed to aim are different – some are too easy, some are difficult and for some you have to use brain and think of the strategy you are going to use.

After certain number of levels you have boss fights which are also great ant funny. As we said before, you will probably lose your life million times, so you will see that death scenes are a bit morbid.

We certainly recommend you to buy this game, no matter if you played it before or not. If this game is new for you, you will be charmed by the story and game plot. If you played it before, you won’t be disappointed at all. All three titles are great choice, especially if you are PS4 of PS4 Pro owner.

Game Consoles

How can PlayStation 5 beat Xbox One X?

If you are a PS 4 owner, you know how this console is great. Sony has sold more than 60 million units till now and this number is constantly increasing. Spider-Man and God of War are going to be available soon so there will be more PlayStation owners because gamers can’t wait for these games. PlayStation 4 Pro is also very popular because of its 4K resolution.

Despite this current success, Sony has serious plans for the future. The company isn’t wasting any time. They are creating PlayStation 5. We do not know when it is going to be released, but we can’t wait. It won’t be so soon, but we will be patient. There are some rumors that this console’s features will be stunning.

There is one important question about these features – what are they? – because we all know how great they already are. What is left to be improved?  We will discuss some ideas about what could possibly be improved. Do not forget the competition – Microsoft and Nintendo are consoles PS has to keep a leg up with.


4K/6K resolution


Sony claims that PlayStation 4 Pro is 4K console. It is, when it comes to games. The problem is that the console does not support all of the 4K games you want to play. Also, you are not able to watch 4K Ultra Blu-Ray movies. That is a huge drawback and owners do not understand this situation.

The next console’s hardware has to support all 4K formats – games, movies, streaming media, the works. Everything has to be included. The amazing thing will be if the console could support 6K. This step is important because Xbox One X is already supporting it. You could check it out in Titanfall 2. The company has to work hard on the visual interface and to upgrade it as much as possible.




The PS 4 is perfect console for running open-world games. Unfortunately, this is not the case with PS 4 Pro. There are some reports that there are little problems when it comes to game’s performances. That shouldn’t happen on the console with these specifications. Sony has to utilize a CPU which is capable to handle distance in games without any problem, if it wants to keep up with Xbox One X.

Serious gamer want really fast performance and PS 4 can give them that. Maybe now it is time to improve chips or to integrate new ones. This is going to be tough decision.


Backward compatibility


Some companies and some gamers claim that backward compatibility is not so important feature, we have to disagree. This is more important than you think. For example, the PlayStation 2 supports all original PS games along with PS2 software. Also, Xbox has backward compatibility program is supporting Xbox 360 and all original Xbox games.

If they really want to make perfect console, Sony has to use hardware that is going to support all PS 4 games so players can really enjoy and have fun. All PS4’s performances have to be supported by this console and some of them have to be improved. The program that will allow us to play the classics again has to be made. That is the best recipe for success.


PS Now service


Streaming services are very popular these days, especially among younger people. Maybe the most famous streaming service is Netflix – watching series and movies cannot be imagined without it.

The PlayStation Now service is great but it has one huge drawback – the price. It is too expensive for the library it can offer you. There are all popular titles but it is not worth that price. This has to be changed – older PS4 games have to be considered and PS2 games should be added. Also, the idea of adding all original PS games is not bad at all. This step would certainly attract many players.

The adding of these games would not have sense if the price stays so high. Many players won’t be able to afford if even if they want to. The price of $20 a month is really ridiculous. Try with $10 a month or $50 a year. That is much smarter and more affordable.


Bonus component


The most appreciated bonus component till now was PlayStation Vita system – members liked it because of indie game support. Now, when everything can be upgraded, our suggestion is not to change PS Vita system but to connect the device that goes with PS5 so you can enjoy gaming experience on the go.

It can look like Sony is copying Nintendo Switch, because they are doing similar thing right now, but it would bring much money to the company. It would also make handheld gaming more popular because you can play your favorite games wherever you want without carrying around hardware.

Unfortunately, we received some information that Sony has given up on the Vita system. That is bad. This is reasonable decision if they are planning to make something that will allow you to enjoy portable gaming experience. The bad thing about this will probably be the price – if they want to integrate something like Vita system the console will have to cost more. If the creators make this improvement but the price was around $499 it would be more than ok for everyone.


The competition


You know that PlayStation and Xbox are always competing. That battle is hard but it is actually great for gamers because both consoles are getting better and better all the time. The new PS5 could be better than Xbox One X, but that is not for sure. Xbox One X is currently the best console in the world and it is really hard to defeat it. One day, when PS5 was finally released, we will see and compare the features.

Until this day, enjoy the console you have and play your favorite games. Our advice is to wait for FIFA 18 (5 Things FIFA 18 should improve!) and then enjoy real football playing.

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Racing Rivals – A Different Kind of Racing

Racing games are a genre of their own. They’ve became very popular and everybody seems to be liking them. A special sub genre of racing games has been getting increasinlgly popular. We are talking about the phenomenal concept of the drag racing games. One game managed to draw a lot of attention especially. It’s Cie Games rising star, Racing Rivals.

The story

In Racing Rivals, you take control of a pretty much anonymous racer who tries to work his way up to the top of the underground street drag racing syndicate. On your way, you will face loads of grizzled drag racer veterans and you will have to beat them if you are to succeed.

To do this, you’re going to need a fancy ride. Of course, the game isn’t just going to give you one straight off the bat, you’re going to have to work for it instead. This is accomplished by competing with the underdogs of the back streets first. After a series of successful wins, you will have enough cash for an upgrade or two.

Progression and economy

And this is where we come face to face with the game’s first problem. In fact this is the first and the last one to be honest. While you won’t have any problems winning cash for upgrades in the beginning of the game, as you progress throughout the game, the prices of these upgrades will exponentially increase while your earnings will pretty much stay the same. It’s going to take more races and more wins for every following upgrade which might make the game feel like a grind.

You are not without any options. You can always buy cash and gems from the game to speed things up a little bit. You got the game for free and if you are still playing it at this point, it probably means that you should buy something.

Of course you can also hack cash and gems for free or use a mod to increase your wealth although, we wouldn’t recommend doing that unless the cheat you’re using has been thoroughly tested and proven safe.

The gameplay

After you’ve made improvements to your car, it’s time to field-test it! This is undoubtably the most interesting and definitely the most rewarding feeling that you will get from this game. The sound of your engine roaring as it revs and tears recklessly through the night. The adrenaline increasing as the set off approaches…

And before you know it, you’re off! You don’t have to worry about the steering, that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that you squeeze out every single ounce of strength from your freshly tuned beast by hitting that sweetpot and shifting it to a higher gear just at the right time.

For as long as you can do that, you’re going to win. You are most definitely going to win. If you don’t, then it’s back to the garage again where you’ll have to make further improvements to your ride before you stand a chance to win against the next contender.




If this is something that sounds interesting to you, if you like racing games and if you consider yourself to be a gearhead, give Racing Rivals a try. It’s a mobile game and it feels very lightweight. You don’t have to play it obsessively even though you most certainly can. You can use it to waste time while waiting for something to happen or simply to enjoy the beautiful visuals and the stunning detail of the vehicle models if you appreciate that sort of things.

For as long as we’re concerned, this is an amazing example of simple yet fun portable gaming.

Football game.

5 Things FIFA 18 Should Improve!

EA Sports is famous for efforts it is making every year to make fans of FIFA happy and pleased. There are always some improvements released. For example, last year we saw noticeably upgraded Frostbite engine, brand new cinematic story mode and focus on the Ultimate Team mode. The focusing on the Ultimate Team mode is not a surprise because it has brought billion dollars to the company.

New games are released every September. We have no idea what is going to be topic this year, but we have some suggestions. We strongly believe that FIFA 18 can have the best benefit. Some things can be better and we hope that the company realizes that. Some significant features are missing and now it is perfect time to implement them into system. Here are five improvements we hope to see in FIFA 18.


The Journey


The Journey was excellent refreshment of the game, but its potential was not used properly. The creator of the story is famous Alex Hunter. The story follows pretty static plotline. Many controversial options were given to Alex but he didn’t use them the right way – some improvements were noticed on social networks only.

Nobody understands why the player’s time in The Journey was not flexible. Every player could bag in numerous goals a game and he would still be loaned out to a Championship side. This has no sense at all and this is not reasonable rule, but that is what the game requires.

Upgrading storyline and making it more dynamic would be great decision. Also, you should be allowed to create your own pro for The Journey. At this moment, the whole FIFA platform is great place for turning ideas into reality. Players expect the improvement of individual Journey and the individuality generally. It would make the gaming experience more emotional and more unique.


The goalkeepers


Last time EA Sports improved something about goalkeepers was in FIFA 2015. That was 3 years ago so some new, refreshing things are necessary. FIFA 17 tried to make some aggressive changes but the worldwide players didn’t like them much. There are many AI suspicious choices that have to be changed and definitely goalkeeper’s leg work has to be better.

The second thing that has to be done is to go beyond automatic AI functions. Other football games, like Football Manager, have developed skill statistic.  Some of these skills are tendency to punch and rushing out. They are very important because they test goalkeeper’s reactions in different situations. They have to be concentrated, calm and to have the ability to predict footballer’s moves and tactics. Every goalkeeper has to be unique and to feel unique. This would be very nice improvement of the whole FIFA and for goalkeeper’s role generally.


Various commentaries


Like in the real football, you can hear some common phrases during the game. After few matches you will probably know exactly what the commentator is going to say. It is ok, but every predictable thing became boring at some point. Adding some new comments to FIFA 18 would be amazing step, but you have to be aware that it is not easy at all.

The company will have to implement numerous new words and names to make this improvement work properly and to make commentators say the whole new sentences. Martin Tyler and Allen Smith gave their voices in previous parts of the game. Our suggestion is that it should be changed in FIFA 18 because the same voices and similar comments became annoying a bit.

Few years ago, there were alternative commentators offered via DLC. It was great idea and we do not have explanation why they didn’t let it be available all the time. The Manager Mode is even worse – it is more boring because there you can hear some verbal cues attached to special events like player signing. It is interesting only the first time. The more you play the game the repetition of the same conversation is going to be more boring.

We really understand that implementing new sentences and phrases is big deal and a lot of time and effort has to be included, but the company should consider that serious step if they want to refresh the game.


Career Mode


Career Mode is mainly about selling players. It is hard to find good offers. The next question is: What is a good offer? The good offer is the one that matches footballer’s playing abilities with the price you are offered for him. You have to be smart and tactile if you want a good sell. There is always a lot of drama in this mode.

You have to negotiate and it seems that all the players have very hard nerves because they are too calm. Everything about this mode is fine but it should be more realistic – these situations are intense and it is not natural to act so calm.


Life quality


Some drawbacks and game’s mistakes are here for a long time. For example, in FIFA 06 you could notice that if someone makes multiple substitutions at the same time, the game fails to record what really happened. The game record is not so reliable in this situation because the attackers changed places and the system is not capable to record that properly. It is not so big problem, but somehow it hasn’t been fixed for 10 years.

Commentators have permission to say whatever they want to – completely off-base things. This is especially noticeable in the Manager Mode. Their statement do not match current situation-they are not suitable. You can heat that the commentator says for some player that he is a strong case for the player of the year after just 20 minutes of playing or after just one match. Also, they could call some small, unimportant clubs the favorites.

These situations are not so serious and they can even be funny, but they have to be fixed if the company wants to have a perfect, flawless game.

Football field.

5 New Things to Expect in FIFA 18

This time of the years is not football lovers’ favorite – the season is over and there is nothing left to look forward. Fortunately, E3 conference gave something for football gaming fans – FIFA 18. This game has a tradition long 22 years and we are sure that this game is going to be better than previous. You will see Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover and that is a big promise.

Many things will be improved but here we will talk about top five. On the other hand, we noticed that some things that are not perfect are not mentioned at all. We hope that FIFA 18(5 things FIFA 18 should improve!) would improve them, too.




In FIFA 18 dribbling system is tweaked. This is opinion of the gamers who played this game during the conference.  You won’t have to use the Right Analog Stick anymore and this is going to make dribbling more fluid and twisting is going to be smoother.

Gamers also said that turning direction on the ball is also easier and now player can just turn away from defenders. You will be able to control the whole game because slow dribble is back.


Player’s personalities


Everything gets more realistic with these improvements EA made. Players’ personalities are more like real players’ personalities. Custom animations are not done for all players because it would take too much time, but the top stars are upgraded.

There are also new player archetypes added and now normal footballers have the generic animation based on players’ abilities.




In FIFA 18 stadium atmosphere is better than ever. The crowd is full of life and the matches are regionalized now. It means that it is important for the atmosphere if the match is in England or in Brazil, for example.

The crowd is also more responsive, their reaction will depend on footballer’s playing. There is also dynamic weather system which gives more excitement to the game. Thanks to the Frostbite Engine the weather conditions are more realistic.


Journey mode


In the past years, FIFA have only two offline modes – Manager Mode and Be a Pro. They were boring – repetitive and one dimensional. This was fixed and the solution was announced on E3 conference.

They revealed Journey Mode in FIFA 17, but it was not perfect – it was too short and too liner. In FIFA 18, Alex Hunter will be returned and he will be making better and more important choices which will influence the story a lot.

You will have option to choose between more famous players and managers and there are some speculations that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to have the major role in the whole game.


Exclusive Legends not only for Xbox


Legends are now available not only for Xbox players, but also for PC and PS4 owners. ICONS are very exciting addition to the Ultimate Team Mode. Addition of Pele, Maradonna, Beckham, Gerrard, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Raul and many others is confirmed. This is real threat for all-around-the-world players and they are more than excited to unpack their favorite players on different platforms.

All these improvements are great and the game is going to be better than ever thanks to them. Real gamers and real football lovers will enjoy!