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5 New Things to Expect in FIFA 18

This time of the years is not football lovers’ favorite – the season is over and there is nothing left to look forward. Fortunately, E3 conference gave something for football gaming fans – FIFA 18. This game has a tradition long 22 years and we are sure that this game is going to be better than previous. You will see Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover and that is a big promise.

Many things will be improved but here we will talk about top five. On the other hand, we noticed that some things that are not perfect are not mentioned at all. We hope that FIFA 18(5 things FIFA 18 should improve!) would improve them, too.




In FIFA 18 dribbling system is tweaked. This is opinion of the gamers who played this game during the conference.  You won’t have to use the Right Analog Stick anymore and this is going to make dribbling more fluid and twisting is going to be smoother.

Gamers also said that turning direction on the ball is also easier and now player can just turn away from defenders. You will be able to control the whole game because slow dribble is back.


Player’s personalities


Everything gets more realistic with these improvements EA made. Players’ personalities are more like real players’ personalities. Custom animations are not done for all players because it would take too much time, but the top stars are upgraded.

There are also new player archetypes added and now normal footballers have the generic animation based on players’ abilities.




In FIFA 18 stadium atmosphere is better than ever. The crowd is full of life and the matches are regionalized now. It means that it is important for the atmosphere if the match is in England or in Brazil, for example.

The crowd is also more responsive, their reaction will depend on footballer’s playing. There is also dynamic weather system which gives more excitement to the game. Thanks to the Frostbite Engine the weather conditions are more realistic.


Journey mode


In the past years, FIFA have only two offline modes – Manager Mode and Be a Pro. They were boring – repetitive and one dimensional. This was fixed and the solution was announced on E3 conference.

They revealed Journey Mode in FIFA 17, but it was not perfect – it was too short and too liner. In FIFA 18, Alex Hunter will be returned and he will be making better and more important choices which will influence the story a lot.

You will have option to choose between more famous players and managers and there are some speculations that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to have the major role in the whole game.


Exclusive Legends not only for Xbox


Legends are now available not only for Xbox players, but also for PC and PS4 owners. ICONS are very exciting addition to the Ultimate Team Mode. Addition of Pele, Maradonna, Beckham, Gerrard, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Raul and many others is confirmed. This is real threat for all-around-the-world players and they are more than excited to unpack their favorite players on different platforms.

All these improvements are great and the game is going to be better than ever thanks to them. Real gamers and real football lovers will enjoy!

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