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5 Things FIFA 18 Should Improve!

EA Sports is famous for efforts it is making every year to make fans of FIFA happy and pleased. There are always some improvements released. For example, last year we saw noticeably upgraded Frostbite engine, brand new cinematic story mode and focus on the Ultimate Team mode. The focusing on the Ultimate Team mode is not a surprise because it has brought billion dollars to the company.

New games are released every September. We have no idea what is going to be topic this year, but we have some suggestions. We strongly believe that FIFA 18 can have the best benefit. Some things can be better and we hope that the company realizes that. Some significant features are missing and now it is perfect time to implement them into system. Here are five improvements we hope to see in FIFA 18.


The Journey


The Journey was excellent refreshment of the game, but its potential was not used properly. The creator of the story is famous Alex Hunter. The story follows pretty static plotline. Many controversial options were given to Alex but he didn’t use them the right way – some improvements were noticed on social networks only.

Nobody understands why the player’s time in The Journey was not flexible. Every player could bag in numerous goals a game and he would still be loaned out to a Championship side. This has no sense at all and this is not reasonable rule, but that is what the game requires.

Upgrading storyline and making it more dynamic would be great decision. Also, you should be allowed to create your own pro for The Journey. At this moment, the whole FIFA platform is great place for turning ideas into reality. Players expect the improvement of individual Journey and the individuality generally. It would make the gaming experience more emotional and more unique.


The goalkeepers


Last time EA Sports improved something about goalkeepers was in FIFA 2015. That was 3 years ago so some new, refreshing things are necessary. FIFA 17 tried to make some aggressive changes but the worldwide players didn’t like them much. There are many AI suspicious choices that have to be changed and definitely goalkeeper’s leg work has to be better.

The second thing that has to be done is to go beyond automatic AI functions. Other football games, like Football Manager, have developed skill statistic.  Some of these skills are tendency to punch and rushing out. They are very important because they test goalkeeper’s reactions in different situations. They have to be concentrated, calm and to have the ability to predict footballer’s moves and tactics. Every goalkeeper has to be unique and to feel unique. This would be very nice improvement of the whole FIFA and for goalkeeper’s role generally.


Various commentaries


Like in the real football, you can hear some common phrases during the game. After few matches you will probably know exactly what the commentator is going to say. It is ok, but every predictable thing became boring at some point. Adding some new comments to FIFA 18 would be amazing step, but you have to be aware that it is not easy at all.

The company will have to implement numerous new words and names to make this improvement work properly and to make commentators say the whole new sentences. Martin Tyler and Allen Smith gave their voices in previous parts of the game. Our suggestion is that it should be changed in FIFA 18 because the same voices and similar comments became annoying a bit.

Few years ago, there were alternative commentators offered via DLC. It was great idea and we do not have explanation why they didn’t let it be available all the time. The Manager Mode is even worse – it is more boring because there you can hear some verbal cues attached to special events like player signing. It is interesting only the first time. The more you play the game the repetition of the same conversation is going to be more boring.

We really understand that implementing new sentences and phrases is big deal and a lot of time and effort has to be included, but the company should consider that serious step if they want to refresh the game.


Career Mode


Career Mode is mainly about selling players. It is hard to find good offers. The next question is: What is a good offer? The good offer is the one that matches footballer’s playing abilities with the price you are offered for him. You have to be smart and tactile if you want a good sell. There is always a lot of drama in this mode.

You have to negotiate and it seems that all the players have very hard nerves because they are too calm. Everything about this mode is fine but it should be more realistic – these situations are intense and it is not natural to act so calm.


Life quality


Some drawbacks and game’s mistakes are here for a long time. For example, in FIFA 06 you could notice that if someone makes multiple substitutions at the same time, the game fails to record what really happened. The game record is not so reliable in this situation because the attackers changed places and the system is not capable to record that properly. It is not so big problem, but somehow it hasn’t been fixed for 10 years.

Commentators have permission to say whatever they want to – completely off-base things. This is especially noticeable in the Manager Mode. Their statement do not match current situation-they are not suitable. You can heat that the commentator says for some player that he is a strong case for the player of the year after just 20 minutes of playing or after just one match. Also, they could call some small, unimportant clubs the favorites.

These situations are not so serious and they can even be funny, but they have to be fixed if the company wants to have a perfect, flawless game.

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