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How can PlayStation 5 beat Xbox One X?

If you are a PS 4 owner, you know how this console is great. Sony has sold more than 60 million units till now and this number is constantly increasing. Spider-Man and God of War are going to be available soon so there will be more PlayStation owners because gamers can’t wait for these games. PlayStation 4 Pro is also very popular because of its 4K resolution.

Despite this current success, Sony has serious plans for the future. The company isn’t wasting any time. They are creating PlayStation 5. We do not know when it is going to be released, but we can’t wait. It won’t be so soon, but we will be patient. There are some rumors that this console’s features will be stunning.

There is one important question about these features – what are they? – because we all know how great they already are. What is left to be improved?  We will discuss some ideas about what could possibly be improved. Do not forget the competition – Microsoft and Nintendo are consoles PS has to keep a leg up with.


4K/6K resolution


Sony claims that PlayStation 4 Pro is 4K console. It is, when it comes to games. The problem is that the console does not support all of the 4K games you want to play. Also, you are not able to watch 4K Ultra Blu-Ray movies. That is a huge drawback and owners do not understand this situation.

The next console’s hardware has to support all 4K formats – games, movies, streaming media, the works. Everything has to be included. The amazing thing will be if the console could support 6K. This step is important because Xbox One X is already supporting it. You could check it out in Titanfall 2. The company has to work hard on the visual interface and to upgrade it as much as possible.




The PS 4 is perfect console for running open-world games. Unfortunately, this is not the case with PS 4 Pro. There are some reports that there are little problems when it comes to game’s performances. That shouldn’t happen on the console with these specifications. Sony has to utilize a CPU which is capable to handle distance in games without any problem, if it wants to keep up with Xbox One X.

Serious gamer want really fast performance and PS 4 can give them that. Maybe now it is time to improve chips or to integrate new ones. This is going to be tough decision.


Backward compatibility


Some companies and some gamers claim that backward compatibility is not so important feature, we have to disagree. This is more important than you think. For example, the PlayStation 2 supports all original PS games along with PS2 software. Also, Xbox has backward compatibility program is supporting Xbox 360 and all original Xbox games.

If they really want to make perfect console, Sony has to use hardware that is going to support all PS 4 games so players can really enjoy and have fun. All PS4’s performances have to be supported by this console and some of them have to be improved. The program that will allow us to play the classics again has to be made. That is the best recipe for success.


PS Now service


Streaming services are very popular these days, especially among younger people. Maybe the most famous streaming service is Netflix – watching series and movies cannot be imagined without it.

The PlayStation Now service is great but it has one huge drawback – the price. It is too expensive for the library it can offer you. There are all popular titles but it is not worth that price. This has to be changed – older PS4 games have to be considered and PS2 games should be added. Also, the idea of adding all original PS games is not bad at all. This step would certainly attract many players.

The adding of these games would not have sense if the price stays so high. Many players won’t be able to afford if even if they want to. The price of $20 a month is really ridiculous. Try with $10 a month or $50 a year. That is much smarter and more affordable.


Bonus component


The most appreciated bonus component till now was PlayStation Vita system – members liked it because of indie game support. Now, when everything can be upgraded, our suggestion is not to change PS Vita system but to connect the device that goes with PS5 so you can enjoy gaming experience on the go.

It can look like Sony is copying Nintendo Switch, because they are doing similar thing right now, but it would bring much money to the company. It would also make handheld gaming more popular because you can play your favorite games wherever you want without carrying around hardware.

Unfortunately, we received some information that Sony has given up on the Vita system. That is bad. This is reasonable decision if they are planning to make something that will allow you to enjoy portable gaming experience. The bad thing about this will probably be the price – if they want to integrate something like Vita system the console will have to cost more. If the creators make this improvement but the price was around $499 it would be more than ok for everyone.


The competition


You know that PlayStation and Xbox are always competing. That battle is hard but it is actually great for gamers because both consoles are getting better and better all the time. The new PS5 could be better than Xbox One X, but that is not for sure. Xbox One X is currently the best console in the world and it is really hard to defeat it. One day, when PS5 was finally released, we will see and compare the features.

Until this day, enjoy the console you have and play your favorite games. Our advice is to wait for FIFA 18 (5 Things FIFA 18 should improve!) and then enjoy real football playing.

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