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Review for Astro A10 Gaming Headset: Awesome and Cheap!

The first associations when someone says Astro are fancy headsets and high prices. The company has new product, Astro A10 gaming headset. The price is reasonable – $60. We decided to test it and write down our impressions.

This headset has great performances, nice design, reliable microphone and ok audio features.


The price


The Astro A10 is not so expensive because it doesn’t have metal components. There is also a lack of expensive features so they fin in $60 without problems. This is some kind of smaller version of the premium A50. The differences are bigger ear cups and a bendable microphone that can be muted if it’s necessary.

A10 is made in three colors – you can choose between blue, green and red. It is suitable for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and all versions work on all platforms. The dimension and the design are ideal for travelling because it can easily be transported and packed.


Comfort and audio performance


The comfort is not something we would mention as the advantage of this headset. It is too heavy so you will need to take break at some moment. There is no enough room so your ears won’t be able to breathe properly. A10’s ear cups are not so adjustable because they do not swivel 90 degrees and you can move them just 2 inches up or down for better fit.

On the other hand, audio performance is very impressive. It is perfect for complex games such as Overwatch where you have to be concentrated all the time and you have to listen carefully for you enemy’s steps. Noises you can hear are more important than you think so if you want to be serious gamer your headsets has to be good.

This headset is not so good for ordinary listening to music. Instruments like guitars sounds too muddy.




A10’s microphone is pretty reliable, you won’t have any problems. The sound is clear and people you are playing with will have no communication problems. The cable is long 6.5 – foot. On the cable you will find the volume slider. If you are using PC version you will get a splitter cable so you can plug in PC’s microphone and headphone jacks.

If you are Xbox One owner you have special possibility to buy $100 bundle which purpose is to add in the MixAmp M60. This addition lets you to activate numerous EQ modes and to balance between game and chat audio.




After reading this review, it is clear that this is excellent headset, especially for the price of $60. You will get nice, modern design, great sound, good microphone and ok features and extras.

This headset has competition when it comes to the balance between price and quality. HyperX Cloud Stinger is $10 cheaper and it is more comfortable because it is noticeably lighter. Logitech G231 Prodigy costs $70 and can offer you more sporty design.

There are many options but if you are attached to Astro’s design and if you want more color options, buy this headset.


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