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Review for Ever Oasis (Nintendo 3DS)

Ever Oasis is an action RPG, dungeon crawler and a simulation game. The mixture of these genres makes this game suitable for ambitious people because it is not easy and you have to be concentrated, patient and to use your brain all the time.

The creator of this game is well-known Grezzo. He was the developer of a few famous adventure and RPGs so it is normal that this game is also great. His studio created some of the most famous Nintendo 3DS remakes – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

The most responsible for these games is the president of the company – Koichi Ishii. He spent the big part of his career working on the first three Final Fantasy games. They were huge success so he created games like Seuken Densetsu and Mana series and some action games just for Nintendo eShop.


Too simplified game elements


Ever Oasis is the game where you can feel the influence of all his previous works. As we mention before, this is mix of adventure and RPGs and this can be perfect combination, but unfortunately, it is not the case. The genres are too much reduced and some important genres’ elements are not included.

All game’s parts are simplified – all levels, story and a gameplay. The point of the game is that you are supposed to take part in building up a new village. You are the young hero and you have a friend – water spirit. There are some other characters in the game but they are felled by the strange energy named chaos.

When you build up your village you have to be sure that you have done great job. You should also make shops, different kind of festivals and other stuff to entertain your citizens.

Some people will only come to visit your town. They will ask you questions and have some tasks for you. If you are polite to them and if they like you, they will stay and live in your village. That is also one of your goals – to have as much citizens as possible.


The battles


The map of the city is expansive and it should be the biggest possible. The interesting thing is that you can control up to three characters at the same time. This is great because it allows you to aim your final goals much faster. Every of these three characters has some special abilities and can help a lot.

To defense your city from the enemies who want to steal your territory, you have to win the battles. Combat missions are various. The real-time battles are available. At first, they are very funny and exciting, but later, on upper levels, they became too hard. The amount of the enemies increases so it is difficult to maintain the fights.

Although the three-member group is interesting in the beginning, later it can be a bit exhausting. When the fights are complex and you are supposed to control three characters, you have the feeling that your brain is going to explode.


The evolution


It is very interesting how this game slowly evolve from a slow, city-building action game to serious adventure game. You will be so obsessed with your quests and you won’t even notice this change.

Game has linear structure so you will always know where you should go. The camera can be the problem if it is not focused well enough, but we hope you won’t be interrupted by that.


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